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photo courtesy of Clara Mae Tillinghast Greis, SHS 58
Hopkins Street 1954
Hopkins Street Class of 1954
Elmira, NY

opkins Street School was one of the schools that was eventually closed when Broadway School opened its doors. This photo was taken in June 1954. Several teachers are in the center of the photo, among them 7th Grade Teacher, Velma Cook and Eighth Grade Teacher and Principal, Martha Kime. You can view the names of each of the persons in this photo by placing your pointer over their faces - the names will pop up. Our thanks to Marshall Leljedal who recalled most of the names of persons in this photo from memory.

If you click on Charlie Wright in this photo you will display a high resolution version of it. Filesize is approximately 670 Kb.

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Charlie Wright Bob Paterson Duane Beeman Leland Vert Dick Peterson Jim Duffield Milan Bedrosian Marshall Leljedal Bill Cook Frank Doughty Dan Riebson Ken Cartwright George Cole Norm Shaylor Jack Kasper Jean Fleming Lauren Pautz Margo Haner Bob Van Patten Velma Cook, 7th Grade Teacher Martha Kime, Principal Dick Gordon Mary Lynn Zepp Cathryn Sawyer Connie McElroy Jeff Bolton Mona Monahan Clara Mae Tillinghast Joyce Ryan Melanie Whitney Connie Newbauer Diane Logue Eleanor Spirithes Marcia Leljedal Rhonda Benjiman Kay Grinnell Bill Van Houten Vern Downing Gene Lyons Ray Lawton Marlene Sherman Frank Dunkle Warren Stimmerman Jackie Durfee Ralph Potter Diane Opper Frank Baker Mrs. Thealon