Rorick's Glen

from early 1900s Elmira postcard
Rorick's Glen
March 2001 Picture of the Month
From our "This is Elmira" series

Today it's listed among the defunct amusement parks of Elmira, N.Y. But Rorick's Glen was, in its hey day, the dance and entertainment center of Chemung County. Actually located on the Southside on the banks of the Chemung River, its main entrance was from West Water Street on the north side of the river.

In the Forties and Fifties, Rorick's Glen became a Boy Scout retreat with a cabin and camping facilities. It remains a center for Boy Scout activities to this day.

Our moms and dads and grandparents danced at Rorick's Glen in the early 1900s to the music of Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey and the other big bands and entertainers and, from time to time, there would be guest appearances by some of these big names in the entertainment business.

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