Gracious Giver of joyful memories, graceful aging,
hopeful futures, and grateful hearts. . .

We come with overflowing gratitude
that we are HERE...
. . . eager to share memories and milestones on
our life journeys
. . . older yet kindly able to ignore anyone else's
advances in age...
. . . wiser yet willing to affirm the call of envisioning
wider dreams

We pause in this moment of time to give thanks
For all the educators who encouraged us
For all the classmates who accompanied us
For all the friendships that nurtured us and
For all the lives that remain in our hearts
but have now gone before us ...

Source and Strength of Inspiration throughout
all of these 55 years
. . . in the midst of this joyous occasion
. . . we ask now that You
Bless this reunion and each of us-
Bless the food and the friendships-
Bless the laughter and the conversations

May your empowering presence ease future challenges and
guide us with courage throughout this journey we celebrate
as life. Amen.


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