The ladies visited Saturday, Feb. 5, 2000 around 10:00 to 3:00 for Champagne Brunch with caviar and smoked salmon, of course, and a tour of WindSong (the home, the cats, etc.), Thundering Hooves (the horses, barns and arena project), the "Toy Barn" home of the British Avis Saracen MK-6 APC and the US Army Duce and a Half (6x6), etc., and of course ORTHSTAR Corporate, and its new project the System's building. Around the table from my left are Sandy Dean Leach, Beverly Parks Moffe, Donella Dean (Sandy's Sister), Laura Fanning Begeal. It was lots of fun and the ladies are planning to bring others that could not make it this time and be back this summer. I will keep you posted. Regards...Jim

photos courtesy of Penny Cole, SHS Class of 68