Here's Even More of
Bev Bates' Scrapbook!
1958's Bev Bates
1958's Bev Bates

6th Grade Riverside School Vitamin Girls - 1952
A: Sharon Lovejoy, B: Bev Bates, H: Carol Marquette, G: Maureen Hourihan,
E: Shirley Decker, D: Linda Atkinson, C: Betty Snover, K: unidentified, M: unidentified

More of the Vitamin Girls

6th Grade Play at Riverside -1952
From Left: Harry Harter, Rochelle Siscen, Maylon Flood,
Janet Reiter, Don Lewis, Eleanor Pierce, John Van Dusen


More of the 6th Grade Play at Riverside - 1952
From Left: Jack Capucci, Su Lin Mosier, Robert Rieve,
Laura Fanning, Don Harrison, Ray Springfield

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