Home Room 205, Junior Year

First Row: Miss Jenkins, M. Blitz, K. Button, B. Anderson, C. Apgar, J. Affelt, N. Burt, C. Bauer, M. Cole.
Second Row: J. Beckwith, J. Conklin, J. Bumbalo, J. Conklin, N. Byrd, B. Bates, M. Costello, D. Cornell, B. Brown, D. Ayres.
Third Row: C. Conte, C. Carpenter, D. Carboni, J. Cicora, C. Boyd, B. Adams, J. Berger, C. Coleman, S. Bailey, L. Burt, L. Atkinson, S. Auge, L. Coolbaugh.
from Class of 1957 Edsonian Yearbook

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