A photo album
of the Forties
and Fifties
Elmira, New York

Hopkins Street School Memories
Hopkins Street Hopkins Street


Principal, Martha Kime

Whatever Happened to
Connie Newbauer?

Class of 54 Graduation

1952 PTA Halloween Party

Happy Valentine's Day

1948 Christmas Pageant

at Mrs. Smith's Farm
with the Class of 55

Hopkins Street
Class of 1947

Hopkins Street
Class of 1954

Hopkins Street
Class of 1955

Hopkins Street
Class of 1958

Hopkins Street
Class of 1960



The Hopkins Street Experience

On the Southside of Elmira, NY there is a short little street that goes by the name of Hopkins. And during the Forties and Fifties, there was a little two-story red brick school house at the west end of Hopkins Street. It was one of the several little "grammar schools" in Southport, a suburb of Elmira. As the saying goes, "In those days, 'little' was good." This website is created in memory of the parents, students, teachers and neighborhoods that took part in the Hopkins Street Experience.


Hopkins Street Hopkins Street
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