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SHS vs EFA Football Game

SHS Junior Varsity - 1957

First Row: Jack Malone, Norm Mordue, Dewight Broga, Ben Vincent, Kelvin Gillette, Darwin Miller
2nd Row: Jerry Goodwin, Bill Stone, Pat Mullaney, Russell Tarbell, Ronald Lowe, Jerre Smith
3rd Row:
Denny Sweeney, Bill Bright, Dale Robinson, Ron Silvers, Chuck Houper, Bob Beckwith
4th Row:
Nelson Stermer, Steve Roe, Tom Hultz, Gary Emmick, Fred Decker
5th Row:
Gene Roth, Joe Holly, Bill Wood, Dennie Wild, Paul Konkus
6th Row: Ed Lonie (manager)

EFA Junior Varsity - 1957

First Row: Roger Gulka, Blair Taladay, Tom Tropp, Joe Place, Bob Cunningham, Rocky Davis, Don Copp
2nd Row:
William Parry, Jim Schilleroff, Jim Wyckoff, Joe Mekos, Bob Snodgrass, Jack Schultz,
Richard Murphy
3rd Row: John Gieschen, Henry Green, Don Lackey, Lowell Wilcox, Dennis Whitford, Steve Goldfarb
4th Row: Carmen Mustico, Louis Ciccone, Len Givens, Harold Hutchins, Dominick Scaringe
5th Row: John Peckall (manager), William Bennett, Jerry DeFilippo, Richard Gregg, Dennis Madigan,
Jim McCarthy, Robert Iszard, Richard Prymusik (manager)


From left to right: Pete Pazahanick, Leonard Wozniak, Abe Ferris, Tom Hurley

From left to right: Anthony Peckally, Marty Harrigan, William Wipfler, Harold Waite

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