1949 Crosley Stationwagon
1949 Crosley Station Wagon

There are stories about this car

ou remember any stories about the Crosley? Some of them have been told here on our website - remember the one about Erv Peckham's Crosley and what happened to it at Southside?

Well the stories just don't stop about this amazing car. Larry Bohl (Class of 58) writes us that he actually owned one of these light little buggers himself back in the fifties. Larry says, "...the color was black with white in the paneled areas. Boy, does this bring back memories. I remember the passenger door would sometimes unexpectedly come open...that was in the days of no seat belts...soooo....never lost anyone but had a lot of near misses. And, if the driver wanted to get close to the passenger, he could say he had to check to make sure the door was secure....lame and rarely worked, reaching across the passenger getting up close and personal. I also remember trying to beat the phonebooth record...cramming as many kids in the car as possible...another up close and personal experience."

What distinguished this car from so many others and made it such an inspiration for funny stories was its weight. A strong person could actually grab hold of the rear bumper and lift it off the ground.

Larry continues, "The transmission was far from faithful. I remember one time being at a friend's house late at night and the transmission would not go in reverse. My father came, picked up the back end of it, swung it around and I drove home...grounded for some time thereafter."

These are the kind of tales that many of us stay up late at night to read about.

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