Whatever Happened to
Bev Bates' Scrapbook?
1958's Bev Bates
1958's Bev Bates

e have it here! Or some of it, at least. Bev Bates still resides in Elmira, not far from the old SHS building. Laura Fanning has been in touch with her recently and obtained these photos from Bev's scrap book. Our thanks to Bev for all her diligence through the years in keeping these for us so that we could look back at the 50's and see how things were for her and some of our classmates at Riverside School and SHS. And our thanks to Laura for sending them to us.

There are three pages of photos here and you can get to the other two pages from this page and the next one. So don't miss seeing everything she sent us.

Mike Murtaugh

Senior Day

Maxine Schneider and Martha Miller

Senior Day - 1958
Mary Costello and Diane Lampila

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