SHS - 1957

Elmira's Southside High School - Celebrating a Milestone
June 2004 Photo and Story

his month marks Southside High School's 80th birthday. On June 16, 1924, the dedication of the much needed Southside High School building took place with notables from all over the city and New York State in attendance. And for over fifty ensuing graduations, this was the location of the Green & White, the Hornets of Elmira's Southside.

There's a history here. It begs to be told. What was it like way back then? How did folks get back and forth to Southside from outlying communities before there were school buses? Why did they build this large monstrosity of a school in the first place? What was its capacity? What programs did it offer students in the beginning? How many student lockers were there? What was so unique about the school's master clock?

Well, you're about to find out, thanks to Mary-Jo Kline, 1957 graduate of SHS, along with some assistance from the Chemung County Historical Society. These links will take you back in time.

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